Varex 4343W

Varex 4343w Flat Panel X-ray Detector for Sale

The New Varex 4343W DR is a lightweight wireless flat panel detector designed for Digital Radiography . It fits standard 17” x 17” bucky trays and its 5 GHz wireless connection provides robust communication in table, above table, chest stand, and mobile cart applications. The option for in-bucky inductive charging eliminates the need to change batteries. In case inductive charging is not utilized, the detector supports battery hot swap as well.

The Varex 4343W is the first panel on the market with an Ingress Protection rating of IP68. This industry-leading housing design is extremely robust and supports uniform loads up to 300 kg and concentrated loads up to 200 kg

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4343W Technical Specifications Overview

TechnologyPanel SizePixel MatrixPixel Size µmEnergy Range (kV)Scintillator Type
Radiographic43 x 43 cm3072 x 3072139DRZ+, Standard CsI, Premium CsI
Varex 4343W Wireless Flat Panel Detector

The new detector is based on an advanced polycarbonate housing and weighs only 3.1 kg with DRZ+ and 3.3 kg with CsI scintillator as compared to 2.9 / 3.1 kg for the smaller size 4336W The enclosure has improved ergonomics including built-in handgrips. Serviceability has also been improved with a field replaceable battery latch and field replaceable battery pogo pins.


– Improved ergonomics including hand grips

– Reduced weight (3.1 kg / 3.3 kg) – Ingress Protection rating IP68

– Improved wireless performance (5 GHz)

– Reduced cycle time < 5 s – Battery hot swap (3 mins. up-time)

– Inductive Charging inside bucky

– Enhanced Automatic Exposure Detection (AED)

– Gyroscope (X,Y,Z) – Hall sensor for bucky positioning

– Shock and free fall sensors

– Dynamic integration time (350-4000 ms)

– Dual Energy capable

– Supports panel sharing

Advanced Features and Workflow Improvements

Varex is enabling wireless (inductive) charging inside the bucky for the first time with the new 4343W. The detector has a built-in receiver for inductive charging and Varex provides a small transmitter module that can be integrated inside any standard bucky.

Another key element to wire-free operation is a high-speed wireless interface with stable and reliable connectivity when the detector is inside the bucky. Varex has achieved this for the 4343W with the same 5 GHz antennas that are used in the XRpad2 series of detectors. In conjunction with inductive charging this eliminates the need for a separate wired detector in a system.

In case wireless charging is not utilized or the detector is mostly outside of the bucky, the battery on a 4343W can be hot-swapped without the need to re-establish the connection.

Varex 4343W supports fast workflows in high-throughput hospital environments. Cycle time has been reduced and is now less than 5 seconds. The detector supports panel sharing as well.

Image Quality

One thing that has not changed from previous generations of Varex radiography detectors is image quality. However, for the 4343W cost to performance ratio can be further optimized by the choice of three different scintillators – DRZ+, Standard CsI and Premium CsI. Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE) performance for each of these options is presented below.