Podiatry Digital X-Ray


Our new JRX-iQ is a portable all in one multi modality workstation. It boasts over 8 hours of battery life per charge. The fastest refresh time of any Flat Panel System on the market today of under 3 seconds.The JRX-iQ uses 3rd generation TFT technology with our 14x17 Flat Panel Detector which offers Ultimate strength and stability. This systems also integrates for use with Ultrasound, Endoscopy and more. Simple touchscreen interface using GoDR Acquisition Software.

X-CEL X-Ray 715 BD Podiatry X-ray Machine

Qualifies for ADA Tax Credit

  • Versatile sensor positioning improve patient throughput
  • Bi-Lateral view positioning eliminates unsafe patient maneuvering
  • 3.5in. low base improved step height for patient use
  • Patient support rail system allows access from side or front

10x12, 14x17 or 17x17 Flat Panel Detectors (DR)

  • Image Size: 10”x12” (25.4 cm x 31.7 cm)
  • Dimensions: 28.7 cm x 35.0 cm x 1.5 cm
  • TFT with Photodiode
  • Scintillator Type: Cesium Iodide (CsI-TI)
  • Pixels: 2048 X 2560
  • Pixel Pitch: 124 µm
  • Grayscale: 16 bit
  • Power: DC 24V, 0.8A
  • Battery: Lithium Ion 3100 mAh, 3 hours (capturing)
  • IP Rating: IP53
  • X-ray Voltage: 40-150 kVp
  • Weight: 2.2 kg (Including Battery)
  • Image Preview: 1.5 sec
  • High Resolution Image: 3 sec
  • Data Transfer Rate: IEEE 802.11 n
  • Generator Interface: Auto Trigger–AED Mode; Line Trigger–DR Trigger Mode

Portable Podiatry Digital X-Ray System

The PX-20HF features 40-90KV in 1.0KV increments with 20 mA output. The PX-20HF is the ripple free HF generator in producing 40-50% more powerful radiation than conventional x-ray units in its class resulting in faster exposure times and more detail film images.

110V or Battery options available

Podiatry Digital X-Ray Analysis Tools

Podiatry X-Ray Analysis Software

Talo- Calcaneal ---Calcaneal Inclination Angle ---Talar Declination Angle ---Hallux Valgus Angle(HVA) ---Intermetatarsal angle(IMA) ---Distal Articular Set Angle (DASA) ---Proximal Articular Set Angle (PASA) ---Metatarsus Adductus Angle (MAA5) ---Metatarsal Parabola Angle (MPA ) ---Metatarsal Protrusion Distance (MPD )