Cloud PACS

Wave PACS Cloud works with ANY Vendor's X-Ray Equipment!

Our PACS and RIS solutions provide user-friendly interfaces designed to allow for easy and seamless integration into your practice management system and network.

View medical images on any device and wherever needed – out in the field, at your mobile practice or at home. No costly IT maintenance or downtime.

Wave PACS is an easily configurable, highly scalable picture archiving and communication system. It is installed in more than 10,000 facilities ranging from small, individual, imaging centers to large multi-modality, multi-site hospital installations across 118 countries. It is full-featured, state-of-the-art, robust and reliable, and available in most major world languages. The system is highly customizable with technical support provided in local languages by manufacturer-trained engineers.



iQ-4VIEW is a web-based DICOM viewer that adds on to the iQ-WEB PACS allowing for flexible image diagnosis and reporting from any location and device. It is both platform and browser independent and provides you with all that is needed for diagnostic medical image reading at high speed.

Zero-footprint Viewer

You can run iQ-4VIEW on virtually any browser and operating system using both portable devices and desktop computers. No installation needed at all.

High-speed Viewing

iQ-4VIEW allows for immediate viewing of almost any kind of medical or radiology images, structured reports or PDF in diagnostic quality – all within 3 seconds.

Web-based Reporting

With iQ-4VIEW’s integrated report editor physicians can create DICOM Structured Reports online from anywhere in the world.

  • iQ-4VIEW Cervical Curve
  • iQ-4VIEW Spine Sagittal
  • iQ-4VIEW Labelling Cutting