Flat Panel X-Ray Detectors

14hk701g-w JRX Diagnostics

Wireless Flat Panel Detectors - Medical, Veterinary, Security

The JRX 14x17w is a light weight, wireless flat panel detector designed for digital radiographic systems. The JRX 14x17w fits standard 14”x17” bucky trays and its wireless communication enables easy migration between table, above the table, chest stand, and mobile cart applications. The JRX 14x17w works with commercially available Access Points, or as a stand-alone Access Point.

  • Wireless Flat Panel Detectors for Medical use
  • Wireless Flat Panel Detectors Procedure Mapping
  • Wireless Flat Panel Detectors Free Rotation

Wired 14x17 or 17x17 Flat Panel - Medical, Veterinary

The JRX wired DR detector is the same thickness of traditional ISO 4090 film cassettes, which makes retrofitting them into standard cassette trays simple. The use of 17x17 inch detector also provides more flexibility when positioning patients and eliminates the need for the detector to be rotated for certain exams.

The JRX 14x17 and 17x17 include automatic exposure detection, removing the need for generator integration.

  • Large Active Area for Image
  • Smart Exposure Detection
  • Increase Strength, Reduce Weight with Slim Design
  • High Image Quality
  • Exceptional Product Value
  • No Batteries to Replace

JRX 14x17 and 17x17 Wired Flat Panel X-Ray System


Wireless 10x12 & 14x17 Flat Panel - NDT, Security, EOD, DOD, IED


NDT 1012MA is a 10×12-inch wireless and portable amorphous silicon flat panel detector. The detector features a compact and industrially rugged design, which provides high radiation resistance, wide environmental capabilities, and overall high reliability. Data and signal communication is achieved either via a wired or a wireless interface. With its exceptional image quality and reliability, the NDT 1012MA is an excellent choice for portable field inspection applications or IED/EOD based security scenarios.

  • Proven radiation hard a-Si design
  • 25×30 cm² imaging area
  • 125 μm pixel pitch with 16-bit ADC for more image details
  • Up to 180 sec. X-ray exposure window
  • Rugged design, withstand 1m drop
  • Robust wired and 5G wireless data interface
  • Narrow dead space edge (< 7 mm)
  • 2.5 hours battery capacity