Equine Digital X-Ray


Our new JRX-iQ is a portable all in one multi modality workstation. It boasts over 8 hours of battery life per charge. The fastest refresh time of any Flat Panel System on the market today of under 3 seconds.The JRX-iQ uses 3rd generation TFT technology with our 10x13 or 14x17 Flat Panel Detector which offers Ultimate strength and stability. This systems also integrates for use with Ultrasound, Endoscopy and more. Simple touchscreen interface using GoDR Acquisition Software.

10 x 12 or 14x17 Wireless DR Flat Panel System specifically designed for Equine use

  • Outstanding Image Quality at an Affordable Price
  • Excellent image quality using direct deposited Cesium Iodide
  • 5 year hardware and software warranty
  • Wireless lightweight 10” x 12” or 14x17 detector panel is very mobile and portable
  • Complete mobile Digital DR X-Ray System available
  • High sharpness images by direct deposited CsI
  • Direct deposited CsI can provide clearer images at lowest dispersion compared to a conventional CsI and GOS scintillator.
  • Faster image display
  • Second to none in image preview and display time.

Poskom PXM-20BT Hybrid Battery Powered Portable

PXM-20 BT is the most compact and lightweight battery-powered, cordless, portable X-ray units in the veterinary market today.

Poskom PXM-40BT Hybrid Battery Powered Portable

Utilizing revolutionary micro technology and a powerful Lithium-Ion Battery, the PXM-BT portables deliver the power up to 3000 mAs without recharging the battery.

Poskom Vet 20-BT Hybrid Battery Powered Portable

The Vet 20-BT is newly designed with innovative micro engineering and battery technology for an equine veterinarians, especially for female doctors.