Digital X-Ray Detector (DXD)


Digital X-Ray Detector (DXD)

  • 140㎛ pixel size
  • 16bit A/D conversion
  • Raw Image in 6sec. (wireless)
  • Raw Image in 3sec. (wired)
  • IP41: Waterproof and Dustproof
  • Magnesium & Carbon-fiber Body

Light yet Durable

Ensure Diagnostic Accuracy

Superior Image Quality

LG DXD guarantees high resolution and clear image quality without image distortion through 16bit image processing. Plus, it also supports ideal pixel pitches of 140㎛ for high resolution images.

IP41: Waterproof and Dustproof

IP*41 resistance rating ensures that LG DXD will be protected against objects of 1mm or larger and dripping liquids such as blood and bodily fluids.

Magnesium & Carbon-fiber Body

With a super strong body that combines carbon-fiber with magnesium, LG DXD is not only lightweight, but also exceptionally strong.


Improve Work Efficiency

Rapid Image Availability

LG DXD increases productivity with a fast-processing. It takes only 3 seconds with connection or 6 seconds for wireless to get a raw image.


Charging Time 3hrs. Duration in Standby Status (Typ.) 13hrs.
Operating Time (Typ.) 220 shots / 5.5hrs. (@ Cycle Time 90sec.) Type Detachable


AED (Auto Exposure Detection) Support Type Wired / Wireless
Wireless IEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac, 2.4GHz / 5GHz


DQE @ 0.1lp/mm (Typ.) 72%


Maximum Load Weight Full (Uniform Load) : 150kg, 331Ib ; Local (Point Load) : 100kg, 220Ib Resistance Rating IP41
Sensor Protection Plate Carbon Fiber Plate


X-ray Sensitive Area 350 x 427.28 mm X-ray Sensitive Pixel 2500 x 3052 pixels


MTF @ 0.5lp/mm (Typ.) 89%


A/D Conversion 16bit Cycle Time 8sec. (Wired) / 11sec. (Wireless)
Data Output 16bit External Dimension 14 x 17 inch
Full Image 3sec. (Wired) / 6sec. (Wireless) Intended Use General Radiography
Pixel Size 140μm Scintillator CsI
TFT Type A-si Weight 2.95kg, 6.5lb (Icld. Battery)
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