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JRX Diagnostics is your #1 Source for Chiropractic Digital X-ray

  • Simple, No Contact Installation
  • Chiropractic Specialty X-Ray Analysis Tools
  • Save Thousands of Dollars on your investment
  • 5 year Warranty and 24/7 Support Worldwide
  • Powerful, Robust, and Feature Rich GoDR Acquisition Software
  • Chiropractic Specialty X-Ray Analysis Tools
  • Trade in Option Every 5 Years

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Great Reviews

100% Satisfied Customers


"JRX Diagnostics is the company to use for your X-ray needs. They are efficient, affordable, and their customer service is beyond reproach. They are also the only company manufacturing video fluoroscopy for chiropractors. If you want true outstanding service and equipment, look no further than JRX"

Nicholas Niday DC
Alignlife Chiropractic - Waxhaw, North Carolina


Did a fantastic job with my original installation and setup. Fantastic customer service as well!

Nathan Berner DC
Berner Chiropractic - Marietta, Georgia


"Great service and great product. I recommend JRX to all my colleagues for great x-ray imaging

John Giovanelli DC
Peachtree City, Georgia